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Great TV Masts of the UK, Great Lift Journeys of Norwich and more...

alpha seven (Pete Roberts) is an electronic musician and occasional ambient DJ. He combines field recordings with hardware and software synths (including 'home-made' Reaktor ones). Sofacom is the record label. Pete is also a member of Testcard F


Comments on previous alpha seven releases

  • "Beautiful, beautiful stuff" - Gideon Coe BBC 6 Music
  • "It's lovely" - Full album review from Electronic Sound
  • "Warm, quirky and strangely moving" - The Musician magazine
  • "Stone cold classic" and "always a rewarding listen"- Electronic Sound

Since you're here, take a look around...

On this site you can browse the back catalogue, find out about the ambient SOFA club and the sofacom project and a little about Testcard F. We also host the A-Z of Norwich bands which Pete set up in 1994.

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