Visiting the TV masts and more information

Suggestions for visits

You can't usually visit the masts as such, they're surrounded by security fencing, but you can get close enough for a good look. Most have a footpath or lane nearby. On rare occasions there are charity auctions for tickets for trips up Emley Moor tower.

Emley Moor

Emley Moor has a TV mast viewing area - a small car park by the road with an information plaque set in the wall. It's interesting how many people stop by to look and to be photographed there, even organised trips. What it really needs is a visitor centre selling Emley Moor shaped ice lollies.

There is a small farm lane up to one side but this is marked PRIVATE. Mind you - you can see Emley Moor from miles away. Nearby in Roydhouse is the Three Acres inn and the Yorkshire Sculpture park is a short drive.

Holme Moss

Situated at the top of a steep and winding road is Holme Moss. There is a car park over the road from it, just over the brow of hill with a bonus view of Emley Moor on the horizon. A public footpath goes past the mast on the moor. If you're driving, you can easily do both Yorkshire masts in an afternoon.

Winter Hill

There is a road, but I decided to walk from Rivington Hall Barn - up through Lever Park and via the Pike - which took most of the afternoon there and back.


Easily seen from the road or nearby footpaths. I recall the nearby Pelican Inn being quite nice too.


If you're in London - Crystal Palace is worth a trip - and Alexandra Park where the BBC TV service started.

There are obviously many, many more.

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