28 July 2015
SPACE cd cover


Released 2008. Available from iTunes / Amazon MP3 store

SPACE was inspired by the SPACE AGE exhibition - organised by the V&A Museum of childhood which toured the UK in 2008. It was played in the gallery space during its time at Sheffield's Weston Park museum.

SPACE is a mix of spacey, sciency, sci-fi theme music and background sound effects for imaginary television, film or radio series.

Think - Sputnik, Space Patrol, Tomorrow's World. In the 1960s people thought we'd be living on the moon by now. This album echoes the bleepy hopes of those days - 14 tracks in all with a mix of music, melody and atmosphere.

Ok, so we're not living on the moon but fortunately there's still awe-inspiring, seriously cool, futuristic stuff about, such as the Lovell telescope at Jodrell bank. Not enough songs get written about radio telescopes.

We have a few copies remaining - buy the CD now for: £7.99 including postage to the EU (payment via PayPal).
If you are outside the EU, wary of buying online or want more than one copy - please email info @ sofacom.co.uk.